Monday, December 03, 2007


I made a short film!

That makes it sound like I crafted this thing by myself, which is in fact, not the case. I had the help and support of roughly 7 hardy volunteers, who sacrificed their weekend (and in some cases, much more) to help me create: Art.
What is this Art, you ask?

Well, I can only allude to it's magic, for to explain it in full here would only serve to diminish its value - as Art (obviously).

But just so you aren't totally in the dark, here are some visual clues:


Last night I had some people over to view the finished product. Needless to say, the audience was astounded by the cinematic tour-de-force packed into the 12 minutes that was my short. Not to mention I plied them with wine and osso buco to get them "receptive". Sometimes Art appreciation requires a little coaxing.

I bet you had no idea that my first foray into fillmmaking and Art would be so successful! Well, neither did I, but you can't control Art, it controls you! Yet another nugget of insight you might want to sock away for later...