Wednesday, October 24, 2007

would you accept, summer break?

Faithful readers!

According to my records, it would appear the last time I logged an entry in the ol' Heathernet would be sometime around.... oh, what does that say, July? Yes. I have been neglectful. My own unannounced summer vacation, I suppose. But what I'm certainly not here to do, is beg for your forgiveness, or deign to offer a litany of excuses attempting to explain my long absence. I don't have to justify the actions of The Heathernet! I don't have to answer to you!

OK, fine, I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. But seriously? It's been really busy. Other things have been occupying the precious space in my mind, such as:
  1. Hello? Bowling! A charitable bowling league does not run itself! There are forms to be filled out, playoff brackets to be organized, needy charities to be paid... contrary to popular belief, there is more to being a bowling commissioner than just glitz and glamour. A lot more. But the season is over now, so we can all proceed with our everyday lives until next season. (Jan. '08 people: the time to work on your roll is now!)

  2. I moved! No, not to Venice, but to another delightful area within walking distance to bakeries and museums and concert venues and other nice things. It's a little less rent and lot more heart - think West Side Story meets Home Alone. Actually, neither of those are really accurate representations...

  3. I've been studying math. Friday nights, Saturdays, basically anytime anyone else was doing anything fun. Oh, so much math. My review was comprised of: basic arithmetic functions, word problems, algebra, geometry - all your old friends from junior high and beyond! Improper fractions! Quadratic equations! My motive? I think I'll let you draw your own conclusions... (menacing laughter)

  4. Fires. Have you read the news? Yeah, the fires haven't really affected me at all personally. But it all makes for a nasty commute - yet another reason there were delays posting to The Heathernet!
I could go on and on, but as I said, this really is not the time nor the place to go over excuses for my lapse over the past few months. Oh, AND I am helping plan my dad's surprise 70th birthday this weekend (don't worry, he's not a Heathernet reader), AND I am going to New York the weekend after that, so yeah, like I said - busy. Anyway, what's important is: we're all here now, The Heathernet is back in fall production, and hopefully we can pick up with the same high standard of quality where we left off: with blogs like this!

Coming Attractions: Heather blogs about her impending first trip to New York(!)
Includes such highlights as: Heather gets mugged and run over by a yellow cab!