Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If it wasn't for bacon...

...lettuce and tomato would try to pass themselves off as sufficient sandwich filling. Not on my watch!

...pigs would run overrun our cities and urban centers like giant flightless pigeons

...what would dogs have to look forward to?

...I could be a vegetarian (ok, this one's a stretch)

...I would probably have flung myself out the window today. I may still, but the bacon at least staved off immediate death.
I'm having an unhappy, bad mood, everything-is-no-good day. Lest you think The Heathernet is all sunshine and rainbows and bowling, news flash people: it most certainly is not. It's a reflection of LIFE, and that means dealing with the harsh reality that sometimes that means shittiness. Deal with it!

Thankfully, today's crap-awfulness was mitigated by the helpful presence of bacon.

The delicious, greasy, crispy bacon that found it's way into my sandwich also nuzzled its way into my heart. Bacon: you are a marvel. Dejected as I was, the fatty bacon molecules somehow reached the happiness receptors in my brain, at least enough to keep me from running screaming from the building. Today.

I do think it's important to remember what simple things can keep your spirits up when you are feeling down. In this particular case, my BLTA. As fun as it can be to wallow (and I mean fun in the most self-pitying of ways), I don't know that it does anything to solve whatever issues ye be plagued by. Bah. Yeah, I know that in my mind, but right now wallowing seems like the best way to occupy my time.

Buuuut, I suppose it does no good to sit alone pouting in my misery. Heavy Sigh. Is that going to help me get where I want to be? No. So until then, happiness via bacon or whatever other little joys there are will have to be enough to sustain me through this harrowing time. Being grateful for the positive things in life.

Like the fact that LA is not beset by wild boars.

It's BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4th! 4th! 4th!

Go 'merica!

I thought that perhaps after announcing my dual-citizenship, or posting this entry comparing one great American President to one not-so-awesome current Head Chief in Charge, some Heathernet patrons might find this blog to be inflammatory, or even unpatriotic. Well, this is simply not so! And to prove it, this blog entry is dedicated to things I Love About America:
  • In 'n' Out Burger
  • NPR
  • hot dogs (just try eating them in a foreign country)
  • modern plumbing
  • labor laws (even if they're not always upheld *ahem* - having them around makes me feel a little better)
  • I like the beach. I like mountains. I like greenspace.
  • Thanksgiving! (duh)
  • The freedom that allows me to watch whatever movies I want, to join a cult if I so choose, and write this blog.
  • This commercial
Admittedly, I was initially bummed about the 4th's unfortunate midweek position this year. I get one measly day off and then have to turn right around and come back to work?! But - here is another way of looking at it: I have two two-day workweeks this week - and like, three weekends! Now that is what I call looking on the bright side! [Let's dismiss the fact that my nemeses in the TV department allegedly also get Thursday and Friday off...] Anyway, it's not the AMOUNT of time, but the QUALITY of the time, am I right?? Ehh, sure.....

In any case,

Happy Independence Day!