Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Look for the New Year!

I have made the executive decision that the time has come for The Heathernet to undergo a little cosmetic upkeep. Much like her moderator, The Heathernet requires constant maintenence to stay on top of her appearance. Oh, you think stunning aesthetic beauty just "happens"? Reality, it's Los Angeles, we're all high maintenence, and these blogs aren't posting themselves, people...

As much as I would have liked to save the old, archived posts in the "old format", and only present the new shiny format for forthcoming posts, I don't believe agrees that this detail is an important one. So there you go. It's revisionist history. Soon people will forget all about the old green, friendly Heathernet and only this new fancy impression will remain!

A note on why I chose this template: Primarily, I believe, it was the simple fact that calls this layout "Snapshot Tequila". Now, I've looked it over, and I haven't seen any evidence, photographic or otherwise, of tequila on the page. However, the name did succeed in attracting my attention, hence winning out over such options as "No. 897" and "Simple II". I sincerely hope you enjoy this new layout as my contribution to usher in a fantastic 2007!!

what a boring fucking post. The content will be next to recieve a makeover, promise.

Friday, December 29, 2006

this little piggy

I would like to take the opportunity to thank, via this forum, perhaps the most popular guest at my Christmas dinner last week:

The Pig!

In keeping with Filipino tradition, we had a lechon, which is a whole spit-roasted pig, complete with head and decorative ear ribbons. My brave mother, who bafflingly accepted the challenge to prepare a Christmas feast for 40 invited guests, decided on ordering said pig from a restaurant/store in Vallejo, where the Filipino population is more prevalent than say, anywhere in the delicate balance of the vintner/hayseed/hippie occupying cultures that comprise Sonoma County. Yes, it's a complicated place.

In any case, back to the star of the show... So my dad helps my cousin haul in this roasted pig, which was touted to feed 40 people. And everyone's jaw collectively drops. The thing was massive, at least twice the size we had envisioned. It's fairly dramatic, to say the least. Immediately, cameras are whipped out and everyone starts posing for photos w/ The Pig. [Amazingly, none have circulated quite yet, but as soon as they do, I will add accordingly.] So, the photo taking, admittedly felt a little weird to me; I don't often pose for photos with dinner, and less frequently with meat that more closely resembles a barnyard pal. On the other hand, I am a staunch carnivore, and have unapologetically tried meat that many might find offensive. Let it be known, however, there is a distinct line in the sand re: dogs, cats, monkeys, and most certainly insects.

So the pig, of course, was delicious, as was the variety of other food being served: zucchini frittata, leg of lamb, butternut squash soup, and [holy crap, this was good] the pecan pie and bread pudding. Deeeeelicious. But I wanted to resolve these feelings that we did have so much food, and this gigantic pig was on the table, and I believe the way to do that is to be grateful. In the days of the Native Americans, hunters would ceremoniously thank the buffalo for allowing itself to be killed and eaten in this great cycle of life, as well as gratitude for replenishing to provide for the tribe. Everything [yes, I don't care if you are vegan] that we eat was at one point, alive. Think about it. Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy, all of the things we eat are dependent on the life that is around us. And it works the same way for animals. So, it is a cycle, and we are part of it, and it connects us all to each other, to the animals, and to the earth.

Wow, heady stuff for a blog that includes a photo of Dakota Fanning. Anyway, I guess my point is, beyond being thankful that food is wonderful, and that you have the means to procure it, and that some higher power [God?] provided you with this food, I also think its important to think about and be thankful for the source of your food, or the food itself... unless you find yourself ruminating on what you just picked up from Taco Bell, then you might want to rethink your standards of eating...

So think, and say thanks!

*Update 1/3/07: photos of The Pig!

here is a photo of my dad carving The Pig amidst a throng of hungry admirers...
and here is a close up!