Friday, January 04, 2008

resolution time

I am really excited for 2008. The last time I was anticipating a new year this much was probably back at the end of 2004. My pal Mary and I both made a pact to really take advantage of all that 2005 had to offer - and perhaps it was this positive frame of mind, but in my estimation, we succeeded! 2005 was a banner year. 2006 was eh, just ok, and 2007 has been an all too valuable "rebuilding year". But what I'd really like is to enjoy the results of some of those refurbishing efforts and have a spectacular, super fantastic 2008 to look forward to!

That being said, I present, my resolutions. At least, those fit for publication online.
  1. Become a ninja. [Lest you think I presume to become a ninja in one year, step one is kickboxing class. I would, however, like to keep the ultimate goal - namely, ninjaship - in mind]. Enjoy your last moments of complacency before I am a trained killing machine.

  2. Improve my foreign language skills. I can either build upon my high school Spanish or my rudimentary French, consisting of Christmas carols my grade school made us sing in 4th grade en fran├žais.

  3. Go somewhere new and/or foreign. Live in solitude and focus on being creative.

  4. Stop saying "I don't know". Not entirely, but I rely on it all too much. Sometimes I do know.

  5. Run a marathon. wait, WHAT!? OK, this never would have made it on my resolution lists in years past, but while I was in New York and on my way to the airport, I saw the proud, beaming faces of the marathon participants. Some of these people were pushing 80 years old! I said to myself, hey, I want to feel like that, and I'm only pushing 28! If not now, when?

  6. Have a glass of champagne. This may take a wee bit longer, but know that I am working on it.

'08 is already off to an auspicious start. I spent New Year's Eve at the Mars Volta show in SF with Schmen, where we both dressed up as flappers! It was fantastic. In other good news, I've got all sorts of gift cards from the holidays eagerly awaiting redemption!

I close with a little tip for y'all: My path to ninjadom begins Tuesday. This will be your only warning.