Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am not dead yet... and bowling news

Man, from the last entry on the ol' Heathernet, my faithful following probably thought I had perished from my debilitating illness.....


Because here I am, alive!

I mean, I am at work, so take from that what you will.

Sorry to have neglected The Heathernet, but I have been unfathomably busy. What with work, my social calendar, bowling...

Oh, what's that? Yes, you read right: BOWLING HAS BEGUN.

So far it is super fantastic! I mean, my team isn't winning per se, but since I am in charge of the league, I am really more focused on the greater good. Like making sure everyone pays up. Most people have, but it may be skull-cracking time pretty soon for those who haven't! (I may not even give those delinquent on payment a warning. Why not? Eh, well, I feel like maybe some leg-breaking practice might not be so bad for me.)

I mean, the importance of payment is not so much for me, as I have nothing personal to gain from the league except the envious glares from other, inferior-uniformed bowlers. It's for the children. Because while we are bowling for fun, our other focus will be helping impoverished kids and shit (to paraphrase a wise man).

In other bowling news, I need to step up my game. I think my high this season (and granted, its only been two weeks) is a 118. Fine for amateur status, but now that I am the commish? Time to get motherfucking serious: I need to link more strikes, pick up those spares! If anyone else can offer concrete advice, I'm all ears.

So, in conclusion: sighs of relief, all around, I am alive, and may we conquer our foes tonight on the lanes!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the illest

hi loyal Heathernet readers,

I'm sick. :(

This is my plaintive cry to all of you for pity and sympathy. Let the record show that through this debilitating illness, my first thought turned to you, dear patrons, and my blog.

I am congested. My throat is sore. I am feverish and weak. And through it all, here I am. Blogging for you.

Last night I had some Thai wonton soup. It was fantastic. The aromatic broth healed my spirit. Apparently it did little for my physical being. I feel like shite.

Oh, this blog is boring? Well f you then. I am sick.

Tho I suppose I am also delirious. I guess I could share with you some of my fever-induced delusions, and that might provide some entertainment. Last night I had a Nyquil fueled vision that I was in Paris, living in an apartment styled after an old French New Wave film and there was a revolution taking place outside my window. There were also cats in my new apartment. I am allergic to cats. One of them had an ear that was tore up and looked mangy. Feral? I decided they could stay. I thought, hm, I could probably take some allergy medicine to deal with these cats. My new life as a French revolutionary!

Does my dream mean that living in France is the same as being infirm? Ugh. Pray for me, readers...